Boughton develop exciting new range of green roof substrates.

Boughton have developed a range of new Green Roof Substrates, specifically engineered for different types of roof greening, both for domestic and commercial projects. The new range enables greater diversity and options for Greening the built environment.

The exciting new range of substrates includes:

  • Boughton Ex Lite – Extra Liteweight – specifically designed to be extremely lightweight to enable a greater depth of substrate. This will enable a greater diversity of planting without an increase of loading.
  • Boughton EX1 & EX2 – Extensive – versatile mix designed to be used in a wide range of situations
  • Boughton SemIN 1 & SemIN 2 – Semi-intensive – engineered to contain greater levels of organic matter and finer particles to increase the range of plants they can host
  • Boughton IN1 – Intensive – formulated to be installed at a greater depth on roof gardens
  • Boughton Podium 1 & Podium 2 – Podium – designed for landscaping projects where weight is not an issue

All of Boughton’s green roof substrates contain inert aggregates, a number of which are composed of recycled material, for example crushed brick. Each substrate also has an organic component (soil / compost), which is blended together in different ratios for various green roof substrate blends.

The green roof soil substrates have been comprehensively developed and analysed for their chemical and physical properties by STRI. Each substrate blend has been modified for different building requirements and green roof planting schemes, taking advantage of the following necessary characteristics:

  • Low bulk density
  • Ability to retain sufficient water for plant growth
  • Ability to be free draining to prevent saturation
  • Low nutrient content to prevent excessive plant growth
  • Sufficient porosity (ensuring good aeration within the growing medium)


In order to Choose the most suitable substrate and installation depth for your project please get in contact with Boughton on 01536 510515. Or take a look at our substrate web pages at

Custom substrate mixtures are also available to cater for specific project design criteria.

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