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Introducing The Real Soil Company | SuperSoil

SuperSoil is an enhanced natural topsoil, perfectly blended to deliver incredible results. SuperSoil is eco-friendly, organic and sustainable, developed in partnership with a market leading topsoil specialist and a prominent agricultural consultancy.

The Real Soil Company – previously known as EcoGro SuperSoil – has been brought to market by the team behind Boughton Loam Ltd, leading suppliers of soils, seeds and substrates to the amenity, landscape and construction industries since 1985. Aimed at landscapers and landscape architects, this organic topsoil has been specially enhanced using ethically sourced natural components to create a new chapter for topsoil quality and customer loyalty, plugging the gap at the higher end of the market where products have, until now, lacked real substance and quality.

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The Real Soil Company excels across most landscaping and gardening projects, providing enhanced growing, quality plants/crops and attracting affluent eco conscious garden retail customers.

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Key Features

SuperSoil is a 100% enhanced topsoil, created using ethically sourced natural components. This means that:

  • Plants grow better and establish quicker.
  • Plants are more resilient to pests and disease
  • Edible crops are nutritionally enhanced, healthier and provide better yield

Other great features of SuperSoil are:

  • Organic with high consistency and resilience
  • Developed, tested and proven by the latest in soil research
  • Perfect for customers with a social conscience (CSR friendly)

Technical Details

Soil biology plays a vital role in defining fundamental soil characteristics. The decomposition of organic matter by soil organisms has a major influence on soil fertility, plant growth, soil structure, and carbon storage.

SuperSoil outperforms manufactured soils in each key area.

  • Phosphorus (P) – Required by plants for respiration and growth.
    • Phosphorus contributes to the structural strength & quality of healthy plants, encouraging the growth of roots. Phosphorous is needed for the transformation of energy from the sun into functioning compounds.
  • Potassium (K) – Essential for respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Potassium is vital in processes that contribute to growth and development of the plant. Without Potassium the growth of plants is stunted.
  • Magnesium (Mg) – Needed for photosynthesis, and therefore required to keep grass green!
  • Organic Matter – Improves the structure of the soil, water retention and drought tolerance.

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