Boughton support Youth Works Kettering community garden

Date: Category: Boughton News

Last year, Boughton donated a substantial 3 tonnes of our high-quality topsoil to support a community garden project run by the Kettering-based charity ‘Youth Works Kettering’. This year, we have gone even further in our support, providing an additional 2 tonnes of our premium BLS 40 natural topsoil back in May to expand and enhance the garden.  

BLS 40 topsoil is an exceptional organic matter-boosted topsoil that excels at retaining moisture and nutrients – making it ideal for vegetable growing and other specialty planting projects. 

The expanded garden project, located at the Keystone facility on 97 Rockingham Road in Kettering, is partially funded by the Kettering Town Council with the aim of making the space more accessible and beneficial for the local community. In addition to the new topsoil donations, the project plans call for the creation of a covered seating area as well as the installation of raised garden beds – features that will make the space more inviting and user-friendly for community members.  

By supplying our high-performing BLS 40 soil, we are playing a vital role in supporting the growth and development of this important community garden initiative, ensuring the soil conditions are optimal for cultivating bountiful vegetable harvests and other thriving plantings that will beautify the space and provide fresh, healthy produce for local residents to enjoy.