Urban Tree Soil

Boughton’s Urban tree soil, also known as Amsterdam tree soil, is a blend of specially selected silica sand and composted green waste sourced from accredited suppliers for added organic matter. Urban tree soil replaces the costs of importing topsoil that is often inconsistent in quality and previously contaminated to the point of harming a tree.

Our manufactured urban tee soil/ Amsterdam tree soil offers better drainage and heightened stability alongside improved access of oxygen and water to the tree’s root system. The added organic matter provides all the components necessary for the tree to prosper.

Urban tree soil/ Amsterdam tree soil is mainly used in urban areas where there is little to no access to quality topsoil. Typical uses are concrete tree pits, roof tops, green zoning, central islands etc.

It is important to identify and utilise the correct soil that meets specific cultural needs of a tree species when planting a tree in a location where the native soil will not support plant growth.

To achieve sustainable growth in such circumstances it is important to take into account the soil’s: volume requirements, depth, specification, texture, stones and rocks, debris content, contaminants, clod size, organic matter content, density, drainage, soil pH, nutrients, soluble salt, and moisture levels.

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