Turf Dressings & Rootzones

From fine, free flowing dressings for golf or bowling greens, to serviceable, course mixes that suit every budget, our selection of turf dressings and rootzones will help you prepare the ground for any summer or winter sport.

Turf dressings

These are available in 50/50 to 90/10 mixes to suit individual requirements, 3mm screened sandy soil or Fensoil is blended with silica sand and sterilised to give a dry free flowing turf dressing for easy application on golf or bowling greens.

As a special 3.2.1 or 4.1.1 we mix screened sandy soil, sand and peat together to provide an alternative fine turf dressing.

Also available are washed, screened and kiln dried dressing sand, screened sandy soils, Fensoil, and greenwaste composts.

– All of our turfdressings & rootzones are available loose or bagged.

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