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Natural Topsoil

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Screened Natural Topsoil

Premium Grade Topsoil

BLS 20

Screened Natural Topsoil with 20% Compost

General Purpose Topsoil

BLS 40

Screened Natural Topsoil with 40% Compost

Economy Grade Topsoil

BLS Plus

Screened Natural Topsoil with 20% Digestate


We make and supply the finest growing media to meet all landscaping and horticultural needs. From ‘as dug’ top soil and screened topsoils to lightweight compost mixes for roof gardens, we’ve got every surface covered.

Our quality Kettering Loam is widely regarded by professional horticulturalists to provide the finest growing properties, suitable for any project.

With over 30 years in business we are highly experienced manufacturers of loams with the capability to provide soils to almost any specification.



We only use ‘As Dug’ top soil for our range of quality products. The completely natural , organic and peat-free topsoils are sourced from the local area round the depot at Kettering and either supplied as screened topsoil or ‘As Dug’ depending on the end use.

We do not use recycled soils because they cannot be relied on to be of a consistent quality, with inconsistent material only inconsistent results can be expected. Natural soils provide the necessary communities of microbes, bacteria and fungi that are essential for healthy plant growth. By only using natural soils we ensure that our product range maintains the highest level of minerals and nutrients required for any growing media.

‘As Dug’ certified top soil is supplied to the construction and landscape sector of the market and can be supplied with an independent soil analysis backed up with certification confirming conformity with all current environmental agency and NHBC legislation. Our soils are delivered in bulk loads or can be collected from our premises. For smaller purchases of 25L bags please use our retail website:

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