Soil Collection & Recycling Services

Boughton are able to collect surplus natural topsoil from construction sites and dispose of or recycle as necessary (subject to conditions).

Soils that may be required to be used on site but do not meet specific criteria can be removed, worked and re-delivered to meet the BS3882 standard for general landscaping or sportsground construction. On certain sites removal may not be required – working can take place saving haulage costs.

Along with soil removal and recycling, Boughton’s additional services extend to:

  • Complete removal off site – earthworks packages available through our sister company Barton
  • Stabilisation
  • Soil testing
  • On site blending
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As soil on a construction site can quickly become contaminated and unfit for purpose we understand the importance of providing BS3882 compliant soils to meet project specifications.

Boughton utilise a network of soil processing and distribution hubs throughout the Midlands, East and Home Counties.

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