Our environment

Enhancing Water and Soil: Our Commitment to Sustainable Resource Management

Water and soil are not only vital but also the most crucial natural resources on Earth. At Boughton, we are dedicated to safeguarding and improving these invaluable resources in all our endeavors. Our focus lies in developing products that not only enhance the performance and beauty of our natural and built environments but also contribute to the essential aspects of our daily lives. By using our products, we support the production of food, improve the quality of the air we breathe, and foster biodiversity in the places we call home. Moreover, our range of offerings enhances the overall enjoyment of our environment during work, rest, and play.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, Boughton, along with the rest of The Bennie Group, strives to employ renewable energy sources and conserve resources whenever possible. This encompasses initiatives such as installing photovoltaic arrays at our offices and workshops, as well as the recovery and repurposing of spent oils for heating purposes. Furthermore, we actively promote recycling practices for office supplies, plant and machinery consumables, and vehicle components, while diligently avoiding wasteful activities. Every project we undertake is executed with a minimal environmental footprint in mind. Our products are designed to create a usable and sustainable environment, a responsibility we take extremely seriously. We ensure that all the materials utilized in the manufacturing of our soils, loams, and growing media are responsibly sourced, prepared, packaged, and delivered, with utmost consideration given to minimizing any adverse environmental impact.

In each endeavour, our primary objective is to satisfy the needs of the community, our customers, and the environment. We believe that by aligning these three vital aspects, we can create a harmonious balance that promotes sustainable development and fosters a healthier and more prosperous future for all.