Garden Topsoil Direct launch a new logo

Date: Category: Boughton News

Garden Topsoil Direct (GTD) has launched a new revamped logo this month to better represent the evolving Bennie retail brand strategy. The pandemic has shown the importance for convenient online interactions between customers and companies, and we very much understand the future of retail sales is online. With 3 retail websites already operating across diverse industries, Bennie continues to meet growing digital demands for customer engagements.  

The new logo was developed by Annie Shrive, a Lincolnshire based illustrator who finds inspiration from the natural world. Annie’s unique illustrative style perfectly synergises with GTD’s brand ethos and love of all things nature, and having used Annie for a number of projects across the Bennie organisation, we were thrilled to work with her again on the next chapter of GTD.  

The modern font type of the logo plays on the fun, passionate nature of growing, giving a unique energy to the brand. This is further emphasised by the leaf and garden fork illustrations, created in Annie’s token relaxed styling, to provide a wider appeal to garden enthusiasts.  

The finished logo represents a brand that acknowledges that a garden is a relaxed green space, and GTD want to ensure their customers’ shopping experience and every interaction with the brand is just as relaxing and convenient.   

For more info on Annie’s lovely artwork, visit here:  

GTD has come a long way since its launch a decade ago as an additional innovative offering for customers from the core trade Boughton business. At the time, gardeners were not aware that topsoil could be purchased online, in bulk, and delivered directly to their doors anywhere in the UK. The website has continued to grow over these years, and with it demand for more garden related products has surfaced.  

The new logo better reflects the growing garden focused customer base it serves; building on the success and continued strength of topsoil and compost sales online. It also differentiates the GTD brand from Boughton; whose logo and brand was developed by Holmes Wood as part of a uniting Bennie branding exercise in the late 2000’s.  

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