Wold Soil Day 2023

Date: Category: Boughton News

This World Soil Day (December 5th), leading topsoil and growing media supplier, Boughton is calling on landscapers, specifiers and garden designers to take time to consider the benefits of natural s

Boughton – a firm advocate for single-source natural ‘as dug ’topsoil – is keen to use this significant day to highlight the impact using natural topsoil and sourcing products sustainably can have on both your landscaping projects and the environment.

Improving soil health

As World Soil Day focuses on soil health and awareness in order to maintain diverse ecosystems, Boughton wants to remind the industry about the significant benefits of using a natural soil.

Not only do these soils have good body and great moisture retention qualities – ideal for modern landscaping projects, given predictions of water shortages in the future – but Boughton soils also have a low pH, high organic content and boast both existing and developing organism biomass. The latter is a huge plus for planting schemes, considering the vital role microbial activity plays in the development and growth of flora within a soil.

In fact, some natural topsoil’s have been establishing themselves for thousands of years, allowing their nutrient balance time to level out and cycle on a natural rhythm. This means they can provide host plants with accessible nutrients quickly, once installed.