Choosing the right green roof substrate for a project

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Whether you’re undertaking a small domestic design or a large commercial project, it can be a challenge to identify the correct green roof substrate solution for your growing requirements.

There’s plenty of choice in the market but this doesn’t mean in needs to be complicated.

In general, green roof substrate types can be broken down into:

Extensive EX1

Extensive Green Roof Substrates

For use on shallow green roof systems (<200mm depth) and are often associated with Sedum mat, Sedum plug plant or wildflower planting.

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Intensive IN1

Intensive Green Roof Substrates

Engineered to suit larger vegetation, such as shrubs and trees. Intensive green roofs can be considered “roof gardens”.

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Semi Intensive SemIN2

Semi Intensive Green Roof Substrates

Have a range of hydraulic conductivity values, allowing them to be utilized in a range of climatic areas.

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Podium 2

Podium Green Roof Substrates

Designed for landscaping projects where weight loading is not an issue. Its high sand content provides a stable growing medium for a wide range of plants.

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Extra Lightweight

Extra Light Green Roof Substrates

Provide an ideal growing media for green roofs where weight loading is an issue.

Its low bulk density allows it to be installed to a much deeper depth.

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To pick a suitable substrate and installation depth for your project we would always advise getting in touch with a soil manufacturer directly.

When supplying substrate, Boughton always talk through our customers’ requirements before quoting. The reason being that we have a large range of substrates specifically developed and modified for different building requirements as well as growing and planting schemes, all of which could be a viable option for a project.

If you’re trying to source a suitable green roof substrate, the above breakdown will point you in the right direction. There are plenty of options within each substrate category to meet any niche requirement. For optimum growing results, I advise contacting one of our experts to discuss your requirements on 01536 510515.

Alternatively we can be contacted online here.

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