Boughton IN 1

IN 1

Boughton IN 1 intensive green roof substrate has been designed to contain a greater proportion of organic matter and finer sand particles.

This allows the substrate to retain more moisture for longer periods of time, as well providing extra nutrition for plants.

Product Properties

  • Bulk density oven dried (g cm-3) 1.07
  • Bulk density at 10% VMC (g cm-3) 1.33
  • Bulk density at field capacity (g cm-3) 1.45
  • Field Capacity (% v/v) 53.9
  • Particle Density (g cm-3) 2.18
  • Total Porosity (%) 48.9
  • Porosity at Field Capacity (%) 57.5
  • Effective Porosity (%) 0.0
  • Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
  • (mm min-1) 18

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Applications & Installation

Designed for intensive green roof installations, this substrate provides a stable growing medium for a wide variety of plants, including green roof lawns, shrubs and trees.

Boughton IN1 Green Roof Substrate meets and exceeds all present GRO guidelines. The substrate can be laid to depths varying from 10 / 500 cm. The depth of substrate is determined by the planting scheme and the weight loading capability of the roof which must be assessed by a qualified structural engineer. Our substrates can be delivered in any required format. This includes 25ltr and IBC Bulk bags. Or loose tipped as required

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Product Name: Boughton IN 1

Manufacturer: Boughton Loam Ltd

Address: Boughton Loam Ltd, Telford Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate, NN16 8UN

Telephone: 01536 510515



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