Introducing our new SuDs soils

Date: Category: Boughton News

Boughton’s already extensive product portfolio is about to expand further with the introduction of three new SuDs soils.

BLRG Rain Garden Soil, BLHP High-Permeability Soil and BLMP Multi-Purpose SuDs Soil all draw their inspiration from Boughton’s market-leading green roof substrates; together offering even more soil solutions for a wide range of landscaping projects.

BLRG Rain Garden Soil is based on an extensive green roof substrate and is designed to support rain garden construction and planting via a free draining mixture with a large amount of porosity. As mall amount of topsoil has been blended into the mixture to slow down infiltration, or saturated hydraulic conductivity, whilst also providing more body to the mixture to ensure water retention for a much longer period. In doing so, BLRG offers increased water storage performance, and improved water quality benefits. Boughton’s new BLRG is the perfect choice for those planting schemes that prefer a freer draining substance, but one that is sometimes saturated.

BLHP High-Permeability Soil is a high-permeability soil, designed to be used in shallow swales, such as those that border pavements and paths. Sand dominant with additional green waste compost and coir fibre inclusion, BLHP is ideal for creating stable conditions with strong water retention capabilities. Additionally, BLHP is suitable for supporting the use of drought tolerant grass species.

Finally, BLMP Multi-Purpose SuDs Soil is – as the name suggests – a multi-purpose blend of sand, PAS 100 green waste compost, crushed brick and coir, designed as a layer for swales and raingardens, to support a range of intensive vegetation.
Our SuDs blend is designed to be free draining with good porosity, whist maintaining a sufficient moisture level to support diverse plant life.

Boughton SuDs can be installed up to the surface (within 100 mm of the cover depth) of raingardens. Soil should not be allowed to become saturated during transport or storage.

Boughton Loam can provide additional advice, if needed, on how best to specify and install this SuDs soil.