BLRG Rain Garden Soil

Boughton BLRG Rain Garden Soil is based on an extensive green roof substrate, with a small amount of topsoil blended into the mixture to slow down filtration and provide more body. This will retain water for a longer period of time within the soil mixture, increasing its water storage performance, and improving water quality benefits.

It will provide a free draining mixture with a large amount of porosity, capable of supporting plants which prefer a freer draining substance, but one that is sometimes saturated.

Rain Garden Soil 2

Product Properties

Soil Component

  • Green Waste Compost (PAS100) 20
  • Crushed Brick 70
  • Topsoil 10

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Performance Specification’s

Electrical Conductivity (uS cm-1)
Saturated hydraulic conductivity (mm hour-1)
Field capacity (% volume)
Total Porosity (% volume)
Lead (mgl-1)
Nickle (mgl-1)
Copper (mgl-1)
Cadmium (mgl-1)
Zinc (mgl-1)

Applications & Installation

Boughton Rain Garden Soil can be laid to the surface if required, if a brick dominated mixture is allowed for aesthetic reasons. Alternatively, a gravel mulch can be laid above the soil mixture to provide a planting bed, prevent weed ingress and improve aesthetics of the rain garden. Specific deep rooting plants should be specified if a gravel mulch layer above 100 mm is used.

This Rain Garden Soil layer should be between 100-200 mm depth and consist of 10 mm pea gravel

Our soil can be delivered in any required format. This includes 25ltr and IBC Bulk bags. Or loose tipped as required.

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Product Name: Boughton BLRG Rain Garden Soil

Manufacturer: Boughton Loam Ltd

Address: Boughton Loam Ltd, Telford Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate, NN16 8UN

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