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10+ years


Mike Graves – Professional Gardener


Mike Graves is a professional gardener and multi award winning chrysanthemum grower, that has been using Boughton’s Kettering loam to support the successful growth of his award winning flowers for many years.

Scope of Work

“Growing chrysanthemums has been a passion for over fifty years. From the outset I decided that I would try to achieve the best possible results and was fortunate to have 2 fantastic national champions in Roy Coupland and Phil Houghton as my mentors. They instilled in me the mantra that if you give your plants the best then they will give you their best and this could only be achieved with using prime quality products and lots of dedication. I first tried sterilising my own soil but then I was introduced to Kettering/Boughton Loam by then as the basis for my growing medium.”

Mike has a long history of using professional loams to support award winning growing

“My first purchases were made from Bentleys from Barrow on Humber in 1970 they bought in bulk loads for growers, both amateur and commercial and they also provided specialist fertilisers. I gained my first National success in London RHS Halls in 1971 with 3 large exhibition Chrysanthemums and since then have won countless classes including vases of 3,6,12 and 18. I have also won the Bentley Championship of Great Britain, Bentley Best Exhibit and numerous other trophies and medals. I am the only grower to win all large and medium classes at National levels.”

Why Mike uses Boughton’s Loam

“I still grow almost 200 large exhibitions chrysanthemums and enjoy success at both National and local level to this day. I have experimented with lots of other mediums but have yet to find anything to compare with Kettering/Boughton loam.”

Boughton’s range of topsoil’s, compost and loams can help any gardener or landscaper achieve growing success.

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