Boughton Baseball Dirt

Boughton Baseball Dirt can be supplied for warning ground, batting and bowling areas in professional and recreational baseball pitches.

Baseball dirt mixes avilable in the follwoing formats:

  • Brick dust – made from 2-6mm cruched brick
  • Infield dirt – for batting and bowling, is a mixture of 3mm clay loam and either brick dust or sand.


Baseball Sand

Applications & Installation

Designed for safe, consistent and easy to maintain pitch performance.

Boughton Infield mix is suitable for infield aprons, sut-outs, home plate area and mounds. The mix can also be used in hard impact areas following the correct procedures.

Boughton Brick dust is suitable for warning tracks and as a final top dressing for fields.

Typical field dimensions:

  • Diamond size – 27.43m (90′)
  • Ptching – 18.44m (60’6″)
  • Home Run – Left & Right Field min. 91.44m (300′), ideal 99.05m (325′)
  • Centre Field – min 31.44m (300′), ideal 1321.92m (400′)

For help identifying quantities required please get in touch on 01536 510515


Boughton’s range of baseball dirt has been approved by Baseball Softball UK, the development agency for baseball and softball in the UK.

More information on BSUK can be found here:

Northants Centurians Baseball Club Sand

Case Study

Northants Centurions Baseball Club

Boughton supplied a bespoke blend of baseball dirt for the renovation of Northants Centurions baseball club, to build a baseball diamond at their home pitch. Having played on it throughout 2017 they won their league!

Boughton’s infield mix provided a firm infield with excellent drainage for a consistent playing condition. The mix is also stone free so is safe to slide on, and long lasting if maintained properly

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