Boughton Biodiverse Substrate

Biodiverse Mix 2023

The greater amount of sand particles in this substrate allows it to hold onto a greater volume of water compared to EX1, but still allows rapid drainage when required. Due to the greater sand content, this substrate is not suitable for very lightweight applications. It is more suited for green roofs which are designed to support a more in-depth plant  community such as wildflower meadows or intentionally  sporadic biodiverse planting.

Designed specifically for semi-intensive green roofs, this substrate should be installed at a depth of 120-180mm. It is perfectly suited for biodiverse roofs, which require substrate to be installed at varied depths across the structure in order to increase variability.

As a result of its relatively free draining nature, temporary irrigation may be required to assist plant establishment. Permanent irrigation systems, however, are generally not installed on semi-intensive roofs as this will cause excessive plant growth and encourage weed development in the long term.

Product Properties

  • Bulk density oven dried (g cm-3) 0.99
  • Bulk density at 10% VMC (g cm-3) 1.08
  • Bulk density at field capacity (g cm-3) 1.40
  • Field Capacity (% v/v) 40.0
  • Particle Density (g cm-3) 1.38
  • Total Porosity (%) 71.9
  • Porosity at Field Capacity (%) 39.5
  • Effective Porosity (%) 32.3
  • Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
    (mm min-1) 151

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NBS Product Specification

Applications & Installation

Boughton Biodiverse Substrate can be laid at depths down to 100mm. The substrate will support varied planting. Boughton Biodiverse Substrate is often used where increased levels of biodiversity are desired. Biodiversity is achieved by laying the substrate at varying depths across the roof, this in turn allows for different planting schemes across a single roof.

Boughton Biodiverse Green Roof Substrate meets and exceeds all present GRO guidelines. The depth of substrate is determined by the planting scheme and the weight loading capability of the roof which must be assessed by a qualified structural engineer. Our substrates can be delivered in any required format. This includes 25ltr and IBC Bulk bags. Or loose tipped as required

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