Building A New Cricket Square

Here’s a simplified, outline timeline and process for the creation of a new cricket square.

Estimated time required – 8-10 days (depending on machinery and manpower available)


  1. Measure & mark out the square and perimeter drain – ECB recommends maximum 55° variation from North-South
  2. Measure & lay out ground guards for lorry track to the area
  3. Strip turf from the square
  4. Excavate topsoil to formation level c.325mm – you might choose to reuse the topsoil to fill the square, but make sure it is compatible with the cricket loam
  5. Spread gravel to 100mm depth, level and compact
  6. Spread coarse sand to 50mm depth, rake and compact
  7. Return native topsoil / use new topsoil, to leave 60-90mm depth
  8. Scarify to form key for loam layer
  9. Excavate & install perimeter drain, to 500mm depth
  10. Spread cricket loam to 20mm depth, consolidate and repeat
  11. Level and track in the loam
  12. Seed the square and fertilise
Building a cricket square

Equipment required:

  • JCB & operator
  • Tractor / loader
  • Seeder
  • Scarifier
  • Fertiliser spreader
  • Wacker plates
  • Ground guards
  • Laser level
  • Rakes
  • Shovels
  • Tarpaulins
  • Orange fencing & stakes


  • Ideally you’ll carry out the works over a dry period, if at all possible
  • Excavated topsoil can be used to create perimeter banks at the boundary to prevent ball loss
  • Build in contingency time to your timeline
  • For construction projects and local roofers in Surrey visit

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How Much Cricket Loam Do you Need?

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