How to choose the right topsoil

With a variety of topsoil options available it can be difficult to understand which soil to use for varied projects. Topsoil can come ‘as dug’ screened or mixed, with each providing different benefits to the establishment and development of seeds, trees, vegetables, plants and turf. A high level natural topsoil will prove essential to any gardening project, so it’s important to understand its composition and uses.

Boughton produce natural topsoils to meet any application or requirement. Sourced ‘as dug’ to maintain required nutrients and organic matter, all Boughton Topsoils are sourced to BS3882 NHBC standards to ensure consistency, safety, and reliability. As an added bonus, all of Boughton’s products are 100% peat free, helping to maintain plants and wildlife habitats that rely on lowland peat bogs.

EcoGro SuperSoil

Boughton topsoils are available typically in:

  • ‘as dug’ – typically used in large landscaping projects
  • 3mm to 10mm screened – used across a variety of growing applications due to in versatility as a growing media.
  • Mixed topsoils – added nutrients and organic content to improve growing capabilities, perfect in raised beds.

Typical project examples:

  1. Raised & flower beds – a lighter soil mix such as Boughton’s Vegi mix, Organic blended mix or beds & borders mix will work well with any raised bed. Developed with as dug topsoil, Boughton’s mixes provide additional nutrient and organic content to support healthy plant growth.
  2. Landscaping – a mixture of soils may be required depending on specific projects, but generally Boughton’s ‘as dug’ topsoil and screened topsoil range provide the perfect growing media for most projects.
  3. Garden renovation – screened topsoil is perfect for most renovation projects, from improving a lawn to providing a healthy base for plant growth.
  4. Vegetable patch – if your existing vegetable patch requires revitalising, Boughton’s range of organic and mushroom compost mixes combined with our soil improver will give any vegetable patch a boost.

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