BLS 40 – Natural Topsoil

BLS 40 is a repurposed, single source, screened, natural topsoil, usually of sandy/clay loam classification with added PAS 100 compost, 40% by volume. This topsoil has boosted organic matter content, excellent moisture and nutrient retention capabilities. It is a premium soil best suited to specific planting projects such as raised & ground level vegetable gardens, fruit production, both soft and hard.

BLS 40 should be installed at depths no greater than 350-400mm; the greater depths should be built up with our subsoil products. BLS 40 is well suited to projects where permanent irrigation is not specified because of its good water retention properties, although with vegetable and fruit products we would always recommend some form of regular irrigation.

For lawns please refer to our BLS  2 topsoil which has lower organic matter content, and therefore creates a more stable tilth for lawns. Boughton Loam can provide additional advice if needed on how best to specify and install this topsoil.

BLS 40

Product Properties

(Typical values)

  • Clay (<0.002 mm) 19
  • Silt (0.002-0.063 mm) 24
  • Sand (0.063-2.0mm) 57
  • Texture Class (UK cl) SCL
  • Stones (2-20mm) 9
  • Stones (20-50mm) 0
  • Stones (>50mm) 0
  • pH Value 7.4

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NBS Product Specification

Applications & Installation

BLS 40 is ideal for areas that require high soil nutrition e.g. vegetable gardens, fruit production, planters and raised beds.

Typical uses:

  1. Vegetable gardens
  2. Raised beds
  3. Flower beds

Our topsoil can be delivered in any required format. This includes 25ltr and IBC Bulk bags. Or loose tipped as required.

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Product Name: Boughton BLS 40, Natural Topsoil from a Single Source

Manufacturer: Boughton Loam Ltd

Address: Boughton Loam Ltd, Telford Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate, NN16 8UN

Telephone: 01536 510515



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