BLS 2 – Screened Natural Topsoil

BLS 2 topsoil is processed by passing natural ‘As dug’ topsoil over modern screening equipment to remove all large lumps/stones and other deleterious materials, such as plant roots and leaves. This creates a soil that is ideal for general planting, landscaping, vegetable or fruit production and any landscape project that needs reinvigorating.

We have a range of screened topsoil available from 3mm to 10mm depending on client requirements.

BLS 2 is generally certified to BS3882.

Screened Topsoil Image

Product Properties

(Typical values)

  • Clay (<0.002 mm) 30
  • Silt (0.002-0.063 mm) 30
  • Sand (0.063-2.0mm) 40
  • Texture Class (UK cl) CL
  • Stones (2-20mm) 14
  • Stones (20-50mm) 0
  • Stones (>50mm) 0

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Applications & Installation

BLS 2 is perfect for general planting for all Hardy stock, including Trees, Shrubs, perennials, grasses, climbers and hedging.

Typical uses:

  1. General landscaping
  2. Landscape renovation
  3. Vegetable patch
  4. Raised beds
  5. Flower beds

Our topsoil can be delivered in any required format. This includes 25ltr and IBC Bulk bags. Or loose tipped as required.

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