‘As Dug’ Topsoil

We can provide natural unscreened ‘as dug’ topsoil to meet the majority of landscaping and horticultural requirements. All ‘as dug topoils’ are 100% peat free to support natural wildlife habitats and future sustainability.

Certified topsoil (NHBC BS3882)

Taken from sources around our Kettering depot, our ‘as dug’ topsoil has no deleterious materials, roots or rhizomes of pernicious weeds to ensure a well-developed fine to medium granular structure to the soil. The completely natural soil provides the necessary communities of microbes, fungi and bacteria that are essential for healthy plant growth. Developed in nature, natural as dug soil has a more sustainable mineral and nutrient composition than manufactured composts.

We do not use recycled soils because they cannot be relied on to be of a consistent quality, with inconsistent material only inconsistent results can be expected.

Typical uses:

  1. General landscaping
  2. Garden renovation
  3. Vegetable patch
As Dug Topsoil Image

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